Thursday, 22 August 2013

Saxophones for sale from the SAX DEPOT

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Curious and happy to receive a new to me Kohlert Tenor sax, made about 1959. These are powerful horns with rolled toneholes great for rock and roll since the sound cuts through the other instruments. I had one of these before that was not very good condition but was fantastic to play -- so much fun with its great tone and versatility. This one is much better with a good finish and new pads. Lucky will be the owner of this one !  The previous one belongs to a client who is a pro with a MKVI that I overhauled but he much prefers the Kohlert on his gigs (also overhauled by me) -- they are just that good !!

Ready for sale, ready for gig !



Note: All saxes are guaranteed for 2 years minimum. All repairs are guaranteed absolutely. All horns are overhauled or refurbished to be the best they can be but without being too expensive to buy. Case. mouthpiece, strap, cork grease, reeds, ligature are included in most cases, although discounts are available if you forego these accessories. NoTax is our policy. The SAX DEPOT is a privately run workshop for students, collectors, sax-lovers as a non-profit SAX RESCUE facility much like the SPCA ;-)

These horns are better than playable, for the most part they are overhauled to a high standard and ready for your gig. Or if you are a student I can assure you that they play EVERY note properly. + PLUS they are guaranteed for 2 years or more. 


YAMAHA YTS-23. $650 no taxes
Made in Japan. Vito engraved on bell so a little cheaper than Yamaha on bell but exactly the same horn, in fact better than the newer ones of this decade. These were made in the 1970`s.  All new pads and overhauled to play very well.  You can play this one very softly -- you can breath through it !

No damage on bow, that is rare !

Notice the finish, good lacquer
Front F key for altissimo

Adjustment screws make maintenance easier

VITO & YAMAHA -- which is which ?
Good looking horn for years of playing


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